Its Challenge Time!

 Hello everyone!!! I am hosting my first challenge of 2021 on  my YouTube channel. I am trying to come out my shell and do more things on my channel.  If you are interested in joining this challenge, please watch this  video on my YouTube Channel. 

This is open to anyone who wants to join in USA and International, and their will be one winner !!

This will be a great Memory Dex / Post Card Challenge which are quick and easy to create, and what a neat way to show off your skills. Below is an example of what your challenge should look like. 

Memory Dex

Post Cards

********** Rules: ***********
Please do A Video Response and Tag me on your platforms! 

·         Use heavy weight base and a sentiment
·         No Halloween
·         Create 1 Memory Dex Card 
Memory Dex should be flat as It has to go on a spinner
Creation should be contained on the front of the Memory Dex 
Please type and add the following to the back on your Memory Dex 
Legal Name
Social Media Handle
Birth Month and Date
Favorite Craft Item
Your own craft style

 Create 1 Post Card in 4 W x 6 L size 
Must be on a heavy weight base 
add a sentiment
No Halloween
·   Post Card need to be 4 X 6 in size
 Add a post card label on the back
Add your Social Media Info 
Sign the back of your Post Card 
·         Please embellish how you desire

*********Shipping Information***********
Challenge entry must be received by February 26, 2021

Please mail your challenge entry to:
Shanta Newby
P.O. Box 2062
Columbus, MS 39704

I can’t wait to see what you create and thanks so much for supporting my you tube Challenge.
Until Next Time!


  1. Hello Shanta,
    I am so happy to have participated in your challenge. I wanted to ask you to correct the name on my entry. My entry was #2 and you posted it as Brittany's entry. My name is Bridget Murray. Artfully Bridget

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