First Mixed Media Tag

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to pop in and share my very first mixed media tag.  I am new at mixed media so I decided to try something I am comfortable with at first instead of jumping in and drowning. I would like to thank Jane who is Velocityvette1 on You Tube for taking the time with me, and  for giving me the encouragement I needed to cross over. I also would like to thank Angie who is Queenbeescreations on You Tube for blessing me with the supplies I needed to get started.  I am happy with the end result of my tag, and I know that with time I will get better and better. I wanted my embellishments on here to be flat, because I intend to put this in a book to document my growth on this journey. I used a variety of techniques that Jane taught us on this tag and I am super happy with the outcome. Have a blessed day!


  1. Shanta, this is lovely, I like it very much and I can easily see the layering you did to the tag, it looks really cool. Love the lower left corner, I'm not sure what the dark doily looking circle is exactly, but I absolutely love it, and the coloring is amazing. Great idea to keep a book of your journey. Thanks for sharing this and I'm so glad I could be part of helping you head in a direction you wanted to go. Many hugs, Jane, velocityvette1

  2. This tag is absolutely gorgeous!!!! It's a wonderful thing to have friends to guide and support you on your journey. Veronica

  3. Beautiful!!! Love all of the colors and the various textures. Great job!


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